Luke: Week 40...

40-week highlights:
  • Luke is really starting to talk alot!  He says "mamamama" the most.  He is also squealing and shrieking and generally starting to get a lot more talkative.  It is so cute!
  • Tonight, for the first time, I started feeding Luke applesauce and he actually wanted to eat it! Wow!  Usually he spits it out, but this time he opened his mouth wide and swallowed every bite.  Our boy is growing up :)
  • Last week I took Luke to his 9-month check up and he weighed 27 lbs 1 oz. and was 30.5" long.  He is off the charts in both categories!  The only concerns I had about him were his poor napping habits and his lack of interest in solid foods.  Dr. Shah told me not to worry about either one.  We only get our children for 18 years he said, so enjoy them and don't worry so much :)  Good advice!
  • We are still working on the sleep training, it is not going very well at all.  I thought we were seeing lots of steady improvement, but the last few nights he's cried for well over an hour and then we go in and pick him up and rock him, and he hasn't been falling asleep.  It's been pretty frustrating!  It's also been quite a challenge with all 3 boys sharing a room.  John moves Henry and Charlie into our bed while Luke "cries it out".  This situation isn't ideal :(
  • Despite the sleep frustrations, Luke seems to be so much happier than he has been the last few months.  Once his bottom 2 teeth popped through and came up a bit I feel like he's a changed boy.  So much nicer not to have to listen to so much crying!  I felt so bad for him, but there wasn't a whole lot we could do for him.
  • We still love this 3rd boy of ours to pieces.  He brings us a tremendous amount of joy!

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