Luke: Week 42...

42-week highlights:
  • Luke made it through his first week in Carpinteria.  He ate ALOT of sand, which made for some interesting diaper changes ;)  He loved crawling into the water and playing in the holes Grandpa Royce dug.  I'd say he had a great time!  (John and I are tired though!)
  • We are still working on the sleep training thing, although I think we might put it on hold for awhile.  John is getting up for 6am tennis practice right now, and we are trying to help Henry sleep as well as possible as he prepares to start Kindergarten next week, so letting him cry for 2+ hours every night isn't really helping anything.  And, most importantly, the whole "crying it out" thing isn't even working!  He just doesn't seem to want to fall asleep!  And I feel bad making him cry for more than 2 hours.  So I guess we'll pick up the sleep training again later.
  • Luke loves to eat cheerios and puffs but still isn't interested in any other solid foods.  I'm ready to not be his only source of food, but he doesn't seem to be ready to move on yet.
  • Playing with his brothers is still Luke's favorite thing to do.  Henry and Charlie are so good to him, it is such a joy to watch them together!
  • We love our Lukers!

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