Luke: Week 43...

43-week highlights:
  • Oh Luke, the lack of good naps and waking up all the time at night are getting pretty old :(  I've dealt with all of this before (thanks Henry and Charlie!) so I'm no stranger to it, but it still doesn't make it any easier.  What I wouldn't give for a couple of hours to myself everyday!  I know this stage is short, but right now, it just feels like it will never end.  I am tired!  And now that Henry has started kindergarten (which he LOVES!) I can't just lay in bed with Luke until 7 or 7:30 when he wakes up.  I have to get up to get Henry to school, so Luke is waking up significantly earlier than he ever has before.  We will adjust, but it just feels so hard right now.
  • Despite the sleep issues, Luke really is a sweet little guy.  He has THE BEST smile ever.  The two little teeth on the bottom show when he smiles and he just makes me want to hug and kiss him over and over again.  (In these moments I forget about the whole not sleeping thing :)
  • He's still not totally into solid foods.  He loves cheerios, but anything else we try to give him usually ends up making him gag and throw up.  One day I will not be his only food source, but now is not that time.
  • He loves Henry and Charlie and does not want to miss out on anything that is happening with them!
  • Oh Luke, we love you, but could you please sleep a little more!

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