Luke: Week 52...

52-week highlights:
  • Luke is eating most things we put in front of him now.  He loves gogurt and chocolate chip cookies (who wouldn't?!), but he's also eating different kinds of meat, bread, fruits, and vegetables too.  I feel like he's finally getting the majority of his nutrition from food instead of from me!
  • I am beginning the weaning process with Luke.  He's now eating when he wakes up, around lunch time, and before he goes to bed.  He was nursing in the middle of the night too, but the last 2 nights we've let him cry it out and he slept until 6:15 and 5:00am respectively.  I think I am FINALLY going to be able to stop nursing him at night now.  We have come so far!
  • Even though I nurse Luke to sleep at bedtime, he usually wakes up when I lay him down, but he is able to put himself back to sleep, which is huge for us!  It's funny because we aren't trying anything new, it's just that Luke is finally ready to sleep.
  • Luke loves to play outside!  He loves the dirt, mud, water, and swing.  If he is grouchy, taking him outside almost always cheers him up.
  • Luke's sweet personality is really starting to come out.  He smiles a lot and makes me laugh constantly.  My heart just bursts with love for him!
  • Luke is doing so well in the nursery at church, CBS, and exercise.  I can't believe how far we've come in this area!
  • Turning one has been a good thing for Luke, we've overcome a lot of challenges in the past few weeks, and it finally feels like he is hitting his stride in life.  He is such a sweet little guy.  I just love him so much!

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