Luke: Week 51...

51-week highlights:
  • I feel like Luke is a totally different kid than he was last week.  It's like he's grown up right before my eyes!  He is beginning to fall asleep on his own when we put him to bed at night, which he most definitely was NOT doing before.  He's also sleeping in his crib longer at night.  One night he was in his bed until 5am and the next until 6:15!  Progress is being made!
  • He is eating lots of different foods all of a sudden.  Tonight we had spaghetti with roasted carrots and he ate some of everything!  He's eaten eggs, muffins, bits of apples, and, of course smoothie.  His absolute favorite thing to eat right now are graham crackers.  If he's fussy I can just hand him a graham cracker and he will calm right down.  He also likes drinking out of his sippy cup.  Last week I felt like weaning him was such a long way off, and now this week I feel like it's right around the corner.  Such is life with a baby, I suppose!
  • Luke is walking EVERYWHERE.  His favorite thing to do is try and be anywhere Henry and Charlie are.  Unfortunately his brothers are not as excited about this when they are playing legos or CARS baseball or football :(  
  • Luke LOVES to play outside.  He loves to climb into the playgarden and use any rake or shovel he can find and move dirt around.  He also loves to play in the water table.
  • In general, I'd say Luke seems to be happier now that he's walking.  I'm happier too, less strain on my back ;)
  • I can't believe our Lukers is almost 1!  What a joy he is.  I can't believe God has blessed me with 3 boys.  What a privilege!

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