Luke: Week 50...

50-week highlights:
  • We have made small strides in the sleep department this week!  Luke actually put himself to sleep in the crib 3 times this week.  Once with almost no crying and the other 2 times were with lots of crying :(.  But he did it!  All 3 times he actually fell asleep LAYING DOWN rather than his usual sleep sitting up thing.  Hopefully we are getting somewhere now!  One night he stayed in his crib until 4 am, the next night 3am, and the past night 1am.  My goal is 5am, but right now if he can put himself to sleep at least once/night I'll call that a victory.  I'm not going to focus on how long he stays in his crib.  Baby steps :)
  • Luke doesn't seem to consistently love eating anything in particular.  He does get pretty excited about smoothies in his sippy cup, but he certainly doesn't drink a ton of it.  Although I suppose that's how Henry and Charlie started with their smoothie drinking too.  He certainly isn't eating enough for me to wean him yet, so we'll continue on with the nursing until he can eat more solids.
  • Luke is starting to get angry with Henry and Charlie sometimes.  For example, if they quickly pick something up off the floor so Luke won't get it (legos, playmobil, etc.) Luke will throw a fit and sometimes even pull their hair or try and tackle them.  Obviously he's a normal child so, just like the big boys, there will be no shortage of discipline for our sweet Luke :)
  • Luke is officially walking!!!!!  He talks lots of steps now and can stand up in the middle of the room if he falls (which he definitely still does a lot of :)  He is so proud of himself it is just adorable.  It won't be long and he will be keeping up with Henry and Charlie!
  • Only 2 more weeks until we have a 1-year old!  Crazy!

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