Luke: Week 49...

49-week highlights:
  • He is taking more and more steps everyday, pretty soon the whole walking thing will just click!
  • Changing Luke's diaper is the worst!  He will not stay still!
  • Luke is making progress in the nursery.  He loves playing in the sandbox at church during exercise, and he even stayed in the nursery for an entire church service this past Sunday.  Go Luke!
  • Luke still isn't eating a ton of solids.  He'll eat some of what I give him, but we certainly aren't at the point where he could get full nourishment from solids if I weaned him.  Oh well, we'll get there eventually!
  • Luke is still fighting the sleep.  I have been able to get him to take naps in the stroller somewhat consistently.  He will also sleep on the couch if leave him there after I finish nursing him.  So, I'd call that progress!
  • Luke has the sweetest smile I've ever seen!  When he gives me his big gummy grin I just about melt.  We love him so much and can hardly believe he'll turn one in 2 weeks!

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