Luke: Week 48...

48-week highlights:
  • Luke is cutting a top tooth, but it's not one of the front 2 teeth, it's on his left side of the mouth.  Maybe that's what's been causing all of his horrible sleeping :)
  • Speaking of horrible sleeping, we've realized that often when Luke wakes up crying at night and cries off and on for extended periods (like 4 hours!) he is actually falling asleep sitting up and then his head will bob and sway and he'll wake himself up and cry again, only to fall asleep sitting up and repeat the whole process.  We can't figure out why he won't just lay down.  It's really strange.  
  • Luke is taking lots of wobbly steps.  I'd say no more than 3 at a time right now, but he's getting pretty sturdy.  He can even bend down and pick something up and then stand back up.  It won't be long now!
  • Luke is starting to drink water from a cup and even hold it himself!  This is HUGE! I've been feeling like I will never be able to wean him, but this is such a big step towards that goal. Yeah!
  • He's slowly starting to eat more food.  Tonight we ate dinner at church and he LOVED Grandma Sharon's pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (who wouldn't? ;)
  • Luke loves to stand in front of the refrigerator and pull out food and throw it on the floor.  If I am desperate to keep him occupied I will let him do this and make sure that there is nothing breakable/spillable within reach.
  • He is starting to enjoy playing with the play food for the play kitchen.
  • Luke is doing much better in the nursery lately.  I haven't been called out to pick him up in 3 weeks.  Big improvement!
  • We love our Lukers so much and can't believe he's almost 1!

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