Found Treasures: Rose Bowl style...

I found five treasures at the flea market (well, I found at lot more than that, but I only purchased five of them). Here they are:

These may look kind of strange to you, but to me they were wonderful finds. The four wooden beverage crates were the perfect size to fit a very awkward shelf in the family room, and the old wagon wheel has a bit of family sentiment. My Grandpa Ken was a farmer and he packed his fruit under the Wagon Wheel packing label, thus my purchase.

The crates fit perfectly in their new home. The reason this shelf is so awkward is due to the v-shaped library shelf above it. The point of the "V" is a mere 9" from the bottom shelf. Very few storage containers are 8.5" high, and if they are, they are either too long or too short to work in the space. Shorter containers exist, but I wanted something that came up higher to hide all of our stuff. I had originally intended to use old locker baskets in this space, but they are proving to be both expensive and hard to come by.

I am planning (at least at this point) to try and hang the wagon wheel above the armoire. The old windows I have will hang above the bentwood chairs, but will come up at least a foot higher than the armoire. I needed something to create a sort of rounded peak above the armoire, and I'm hoping I found just the thing. I'll keep you posted.


Toni said...

Those crates look great! I like them even better than the locker baskets. Cant wait to see how the wheel turns out!

CeCe said...

Those crates are super cool!

I'm dyeing to redo our office, and I would LOVE to go down there and get some fun stuff!!! I also need some knick knacks for the living room... hmmmm... note to self, make a trip down there PRONTO! :)