The grand slam baby...

For Bob's birthday, we (Jay, Jill, John, and I) decided to treat the family to a Dodger game. We packed a picnic lunch of shredded beef sandwiches, chips, potato salad, and chocolate/peanut butter chip cookies and ate it in the park prior to the start of the game. It was nice to give Henry a chance to stretch out and roll around before we had to confine him a bit in the stadium.

After the picnic, we decided to leave our car parked at the park, and walked through the parking lot, into the stadium, on foot. (For some reason, I'm the only one of the 6 of us who came home fairly sunburnt...ugh). After we got home, John figured out that our walk was approximately .9 miles each way, which is quite a bit considering John was carrying Henry the entire time.

We watched the game from the top deck (which gets a considerable amount of air movement during the day), and thanks to John's ticket scavenging prowess, our seats were in the shade the entire time!

The big highlight of the day came during the 1st inning of the game, when Ronnie Belliard hit a grand slam home run. For those astute readers out there, yes, Henry has now witnessed a Dodger grand slam at every single Dodger game he has attended! First it was the Manny Ramirez grand slam on Manny bobblehead night, and now, a Belliard grand slam against the Giants...it just doesn't get much better than that. John is certain that Henry needs to be attending playoff games as he appears to be a bit of a good luck charm...

Overall, I think we'd all agree that it was a great day...and it didn't hurt that it ended with a trip to Dewar's either :)

Our picnic lunch

The family

The men

Uncle Jay helping Henry stay cool in front of the huge mister fan

Grandpa Bob has a magic power when it comes to putting Henry to sleep. He bounces him on his knee, and eventually he conks out. I accused him of being a bit cocky about it, but I've got to hand it to him, it seems to work every time. (Next time Henry decides to wake up 6 times in the middle of the night, I may have to have him come over and give us a hand :)

Henry loved grabbing onto Grandma Sharon's mouth and glasses!

And Jill's hat. Henry was crazy about it! He grabbed for it at every opportunity and constantly tried to pull it into his mouth. Pretty funny.

No pictures of John and me playing with Henry, and for good reason, with that many wonderful family members around, there were plenty of willing arms to hold him :)


Sharon said...

That was the most relaxing Dodger game I have ever been to, and we did it with an almost 5 month old baby! Thanks for spending the day with us, it is the best gift ever.

toni said...

Peter was telling me about John's tickets-in-the-shade research process. I just had to laugh. Looks like it worked!

Heidi Leach said...

Hey, we were at the game too, but in the sun. We were on the third base side. It would have been funny if we saw you on Friday, as we saw you at the Grizzle game in July. Levi didn't do too bad, but there was no sleeping on his part. He isn't much of a sleeper. The grand slam was fun, even for the husband who is a Giants fan. Poor guy, only on in our family. Levi wore his Dodger shirt! Sorry daddy!