Week 25...

25-week highlights:
  • This cold, dry air is doing a number on Charlie's skin. I'm back to applying lots of thick lotion. At this point it seems like applying it once per day is enough, so hopefully that will continue to be the case.
  • Charlie has a cold. His nose is red and runny, but overall he is still happy and content.
  • Charlie grabs onto anything he can get his hands on. I put a tablecloth on our table today and realized very quickly that that was a very bad idea. He just pulled on the cloth and everything came towards him. Needless to say, the tablecloth is now gone.
  • Charlie loves to suck on our fisher-price play phone and put anything he can get his hands on into his mouth. At this point if he grabs something Henry wants I just have Henry give him a different toy to chew on. Pretty soon Charlie will become more particular about the toys that he wants and we will have a disgruntled oldest child on our hands.
  • Charlie was dedicated at church on Sunday. A very special day!
  • Charlie is still sleeping well. I still have him napping in his carseat on the floor in the kitchen under the vent. I don't want to mess with a good thing.
  • Charlie continues to be a delight.


betsy said...

oh! this weeks pictures are super cute. :) so fun!

Jill V said...

Big boy!!!So cute. Can't wait to catch up some more on Sunday (assuming you're still planning on going?)!