Week 43...

43-week highlights:
  • Charlie is ever so close to standing unassisted.  He's able to let go of whatever he's holding onto and stand for a few seconds before dropping.  Walking is right around the corner!
  • Whenever Charlie starts to crawl really fast, he always says "AHHHHH!" really loudly the whole time he is crawling.  Kind of like his own little war cry, I think.  I like it because it lets me know when he's on the move :)
  • If we leave the back door open for more than 2 seconds, Charlie will crawl right out onto the patio.
  • Charlie knows where the toys are kept and he likes to crawl over to whatever interests him and pick it up and play with it.
  • The prune juice seems to be taking care of Charlie's digestive issues, thankfully.
  • His skin is still a battle.  Just when I think I have it under control a bit, it flares up again.
  • Henry's 18-month hand-me-downs may not work out so perfectly for Charlie.  We might have to dip into the 24-month clothes sooner than I thought.
  • Charlie's sleeping issues continue.  The good news is that his nighttime sleep seems to be pretty regular and consistent even though his naps are not even close...
  • Night time- I am able to get him to sleep without nursing, which is huge for us!  He usually wakes up once/night (although the time he wakes up varies quite a bit).  I still nurse him back to sleep if I need to, but he doesn't always need it.
  • Nap time- I tried all last week leaving Charlie in the crib to cry it out during nap time.  Big fail.  He never fell asleep, not one time, and he never even calmed down at all to rest.  I left him in there 45 minutes-an hour and couldn't get him to relax enough to sleep.  The only way I can get him to sleep consistently is to nurse him.  I wish he took a pacifier or had a special blanket or stuffed animal, but I've tried all of those things and none of them work.  Boo.  Today my mom watched the boys and she got Charlie to sleep by walking him around my Grandma Net's house in her wheelchair!  When I came in to pick him up it was hilarious to see him in Grandma's chair!  Maybe I'll have to resort to walking Charlie to sleep in the stroller like I did with Henry when he wouldn't nap for me.  Sigh...these Wiebe boys and their sleep issues!
  • Car sleeping- Oh goodness gracious!  Our drive home from Fresno on Saturday was awful.  Grandma Sharon drove the boys and me home from the MCC Sale and it was seriously the worst car trip we've had to date.  Charlie screamed the ENTIRE way home.  Sometimes he will sleep in the car and sometimes he just won't.
  •  Charlie is wearing me out!  The constant monitoring due to his increased mobility combined with the nap issues are very tiring for me.  Luckily, my mom and Sharon are helping me out when they can so that I can get some breaks.  
  • Despite the issues we're dealing with, my favorite thing about Charlie is when he gives me one of his great big grins.  I love seeing him show off all 8 of his teeth.  Completely adorable.

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