Baby #3: Weeks 31-37

These past 6 weeks played host to LOTS of baby (& mama) growth.  My belly feels absolutely enormous and I have already exceeded my maximum weight gain with Charlie (which seriously frightens me).  The baby's growth is measuring spot on, so it doesn't appear that I will have another 11 lb. baby, although Charlie's growth measurements didn't lead anyone to believe that he would be that large either.  So, who really knows?  I am definitely getting tired and uncomfortable.  I am in that decidedly irrational state of mind where I am beginning to think that I will surely get more sleep once the baby is here (I know better than to believe this!).  Overall I waiver between feeling SO READY for this baby to get here, and also hoping for a few more days so that I can get everything done that I have on my pre-baby checklist.  My doctor is on vacation starting after my appointment tomorrow, so we'll have my birth plan (i.e. what will happen to me if I don't go into labor by a certain date.) settled on tomorrow once we meet.  With the boys I was really anti-induction, but after having 2 inductions, I sort of feel comfortable with the idea this time, and would be perfectly content to deliver that way again.  The idea of going into labor on my own is a completely foreign thought for me.  We'll see what happens though!

Week 31:

Week 32:

Week 33:

Week 34:

Week 35:

Week 36:

Week 37:

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