Luke: Week 23...

23-week highlights:
  • Drool, drool, drool.  We are going through our whole bib supply in one day!  He soaks them so fast, it's crazy!
  • Luke has started doing this grunting sound that is kind of strange.  It almost sounds like he is constipated, but he's not.  I can't quite figure out if something is wrong or if he's just sort of practicing new sounds and has taken a liking to this one.  Only time will tell, I suppose.
  • He is now sitting up pretty well.  He definitely falls over, but he is able to stay up for quite a long period of time now!  It seems like this makes him happy :)
  • Luke is having a hard time staying content for long periods of time right now, which means I am having a hard time getting anything done around the house right now :)  This will pass, but right now it's sort of frustrating :/
  • Luke is incredibly interested in my phone.  He wants to grab it and chew it any chance he can get.
  • Toys are definitely become more important to him as he is getting better at holding onto them and getting them into his mouth.
  • He likes to swing in the outside swing, especially when Henry and Charlie are playing out there and he can watch them!
  • We just love this little guy to pieces!

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