Luke: Week 26...

26-week highlights:
  • Luke is so close to being mobile!  When he is sitting up he can really control the way he falls to the ground.  He prefers to sort of fall with his hands down and then move his knees underneath him.  He looks like he is way too close to crawling in this position!
  • When I reach down to pick Luke up he is getting more and more proficient at reaching up for me.  I really think this is the sweetest thing :)
  • We started Luke on a little bit of solid food: cream of wheat.  He's much more interested in the spoon than he is the food.  But who can blame him, plain cream of wheat is pretty bland!
  • Luke seems to be drooling less these days.  I haven't put a bib on him in a few days.
  • His naps are still frustratingly short.  Today he slept for 30 minutes, 10 minutes, and an hour and 25 minutes (while Grandma Sharon held him).  This no napping thing really makes my days long and tiring.  Time to myself is very very limited :/
  • We borrowed a bath seat from Hannah Grace Toews, and he LOVES it!  It's making bathtime in the big tub so much more enjoyable for everyone!
  • Luke is SO HEAVY!  John and I both have such bad wrist and back pain from carrying him.
  • Luke knows his name.  When he hears it he smiles and looks toward the person calling him.
  • He loves to play peek-a-boo.
  • Henry and Charlie are such wonderful big brothers.  They aren't overly jealous of Luke's neediness and are generally so helpful when I need things.  What a blessing!
  • We dedicated Luke at church this week, which is always such a highlight.
  • Luke is smiley and cheerful and we just love him lots.  It's hard to believe that we get to raise 3 boys!

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