Luke: Week 28

28-week highlights:
  • Luke made his first trip to Disneyland for the annual Wiebe-Brooks family Christmas gift trip.  We stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel for 2 nights and spent 3 days park hopping between Disneyland and California Adventure.  Luke wasn't a big fan of the parks in general.  He much preferred the hotel room to anything else.  He hated the stroller most of the time, so we traded off carrying him in our ergo carrier.  We also made use of the Baby Care Centers in both parks for feedings and diaper changes.
  • I feel like Luke could possibly be the most social of the 3 boys.  He LOVES to be a part of what is going on around him and doesn't want to miss out on ANYTHING!  It is getting increasingly difficult to nurse him anywhere besides a quiet room.  Even trying to nurse him in the Disneyland Baby Care Centers was a challenge, there was too much to see!
  • Luke is also starting to dislike me holding him on my hip.  He wants to stand up on his legs on my hip, not rest there!  Hopefully this is something that will go away.  It makes carrying him so difficult!
  • Luke is starting to get up on his hands and knees from a sitting position.  He wants to move SO BADLY!
  • He is still taking 30 minute naps.  Unless we're driving in the car, then he'll sleep for 2 or 3 hours.  I told John we don't need to hire a babysitter, we just need to hire someone to drive him around for a couple of hours every afternoon!
  • He pretty much goes to bed like clockwork every night at 8:00.  I was thinking Henry and Charlie went to bed closer to 7:00 when they were this age, but that was during the winter, so it got darker earlier.
  • Such a dear sweet boy, our little Lukers!

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