Luke: Week 31...

31-week highlights:
  • Luke is pulling himself up to his knees on anything he can get his hands on: table legs, bed frames, ottoman, couch, dressers, kitchen cabinets, etc.
  • He is getting quite good at crawling backwards.
  • He is now able to roll all around the floor and get himself back to sitting position.  That was his biggest accomplishment this week!
  • Luke has been a horrible napper the past few days, as in won't nap in his crib at all.  Consequently he's been needing to go to bed at 7 instead of 8.  The earlier bedtime is nice, but it doesn't make up for the missed naps in my mind.
  • Luke is the happiest when his brothers are around.  Tonight Henry was cracking him up by simply brushing his teeth.  Simple pleasures for this little guy!
  • Still trying to introduce solid foods, but he isn't ready for them.  He barely swallows anything I give him, as his tongue still pushes the food out instead of pulling it in.  This is fine with me, I find this early feeding stage pretty annoying since I am still nursing him full time, but just letting him experiment with the food.
  • Luke has the sweetest smile and the cutest head of red hair.  We just love him to pieces!

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