Luke: Week 36...

36-week highlights:
  • Luke has been enjoying staying cool in the swimming pool these past VERY HOT weeks!  The only problem is that his skin is very sensitive to the sun.  We put lots of sunscreen on him and put a hat on him, but his skin still gets very red and splotchy after we've been outside.  It isn't a sunburn, just seems like more of a reaction to being hot.
  • Lately Luke's nighttime nursing habits have been really driving me crazy.  He would always start the night in his crib and then when he woke up the first time I would put him in bed with me and then nurse him whenever he woke up throughout the rest of the night.  I just feel done with this arrangement, so I've been forcing myself to actually get up and nurse him in a chair and put him back in his crib when I'm done.  I need to work on cutting out the night feedings all together, but that would require some crying it out, and with all 3 boys sharing a room, we aren't in the mood to tackle that yet.  We also have a week at Pismo and a week at Carpinteria coming up, so whatever progress we make now will most certainly be ruined on vacation :)
  • He is still completely obsessed with his brothers.  They can make him laugh like no one else.
  • He is crawling everywhere and pulling himself to standing every chance he gets.
  • Luke is a complete joy.  We love him to bits!

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