Luke: Week 37...

 37-week highlights:
  • Luke is finally cutting a tooth!  One of his bottom teeth is starting to poke through.  Grandma Sharon discovered it on the 4th of July.
  • This teething stuff isn't agreeing with Luke at all!  Last night I had a horrible time getting him to sleep and then he was awake from 2:30-3:30 :/  Poor guy!
  • His mobility is increasing every day.  This creates some challenges for his brothers.  Namely in the area of lego play.
  • He still has a hard time eating solids.  His tongue seems to still spit everything out and when I try to give him cheerios he chokes and gags on them.  He can eat the puffs that dissolve in his mouth, but not the cheerios yet.
  • He is still in a seriously intense "mama's boy" phase.  He is really only happy when he's with me, which is both flattering and frustrating :)
  • Naps are still a joke in the crib.  I've just been holding him lately since he's been so unhappy due to the teething pain.
  • We love our little guy a whole bunch and can't wait until his mouth stops hurting from the teething!

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