Luke: Week 38...

38-week highlights:
  • Nothing very new this week.  Luke is still teething like crazy and is rather grouchy a lot of the time :(
  • Luke had his first experience playing in the flooded yard at Grandpa Art & Grandma Donna's house.  He put his feet in the water, but was mostly held by Grandma Sharon & Grandma Donna.
  • We head to Pismo tomorrow with the extended Wiebe family.  It should be fun, but I anticipate the sleeping part of the week for Luke will probably not go well.  Oh well.  
  • Sleeping in general is still pretty crummy for Luke.  I want to start sleep training him, but I feel like our efforts will be wasted since we have vacations coming up.  We'll see how Pismo goes, if it doesn't go well, then sleep training it will be.
  • Despite his teething and sleep issues Luke is still such a sweet little guy.  We just love him so much!

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