Finished kitchen cabinets...

I've been talking about these kitchen cabinets for awhile now (evidence here, here, here, here, and here...they are linked in reverse chronological order) and they are finally done. Well, they've been done for awhile, but I just realized that I hadn't taken the time to post the after pictures. Better late than never right? So, here they are:

Being used as the changing table in the nursery
The bottom cupboards are currently storing books. We have a ton of books for the baby. So many, in fact, that we even have some stored in the closet. John agreed to build a bookcase this summer out of leftover beadboard & fenceboards (my request). So look for that project coming soon.

The top two drawers are being used to store receiving blankets, burp rags, & sheets

The second cabinet we painted brown and are using as an entry console in our front room. It's basically empty at this point, but I'll figure out the perfect use for it soon.

I love that side panel piece...because I was originally going to use both cabinets in the baby's room, we only put the panels on the sides that would be exposed. Due to the fact that these pieces are now standing alone, we (John) now have 2 additional panels to make this summer. Boo.
Countertop material: pronomen butcher block from Ikea. This is also what we have on our kitchen countertops and I love it. Low cost & low maintenance.


Suzanne said...

Okay. So you've baked, and sewed, and refinished, and cleaned and gardened. There is but one chore left to do so let's get on with it already! The anticipation is killing me.

JHRME said...

Wow! Those look great! The same pieces...but they look completely diferent!

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Mark said...

This kitchen is so stunning! It's all the elements that I like. Love the small window above the sink and that light is fab. What a immense transformation!
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tummytuck said...

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